Nya klingor från Harrison!


INNOVATIONS from Harrison Advanced Rods              

The NEW 13’ Aviator TE

A 13’ extreme distance rod with reserve power for 3-5oz

We have not given this rod a test curve as test curve values are problematic on such powerful rods

Developed with Terry Edmonds to be the ultimate distance rod

Manufactured on new faster taper tip mandrels to produce more power with no increase in weight

The initial compression is similar to a Trebuchet, so a powerful blank, but the way in which power is developed means that the biggest casters will find an increase in power as they push harder

Warning – This is not an all-round rod for the average caster, but with power and technique it will help reach fish that were out of range

The Aviator Plus 12’6

With a 3.5lb test curve

We have taken the idea of the 12’6 TE Torrix and added a fraction more power in the butt

Then a faster taper tip with a smaller end diameter and weave all the way to the tip

This produces an exciting new blank which will cast a few metres further and by using new tapers retains the all-round capacity of the Torrix to play fish at close range

To complete the set: Aviator Spods

Designed to match the 12 and 13’ Aviators with 1k weave to the tip

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