Avid Carp Outline Mono Reel Line

Avid Carp Outline Mono Reel Line

349 kr


Bra monofil lina på bulkspole om 1000 meter. Finns i diameter: 0,32 mm, 0,35 mm, 0,37 mm och 0,40 mm.

This incredible Reel line breaks up it’s own outline underwater, making it harder for Carp to detect than standard single colour monofilaments. The clear finish has been combined in a two tone construction with a specially developed algae coloured tint, to offer new levels of invisibility. The material itself has great knot strength but remains smooth for casting. It’s abrasion resistant qualities marry beautifully with it’s slightly absorbent nature, making it the perfect line for modern carp fishing.

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0,32 mm, 0,35 mm, 0,37 mm, 0,40 mm

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