Preston Innovations Des Ship Pole Float Range ”Inter wire”

Preston Innovations Des Ship Pole Float Range ”Inter wire”

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Vi har tagit upp några modeller av Des Shipp’s nya flötesserie. Vill du beställa någon av de andra modellerna i denna serie så hör av dig!

Inter wire – All round pattern with a wire stem for added stability. Suitable for a large variety of baits and fitted with a high visibility plastic tip. 

All floats are constructed using a tough, aerospace grade, Rohacell foam body for maximum durability whilst the tips and stems have been hand-picked by the England International himself to optimise the intended use of each float.

Fitted with an elongated side eye which is glued twice into the foam body, to ensure maximum strength. The entire Des Shipp Commercial Pole Float range has been hand finished to Des Shipp’s exacting standards, resulting in an incredibly diverse and high performing float range.


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1 gram, 1.25 gram, 1.5 gram

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