Preston Innovations Inception SL30 Seatbox (with footplate)

Preston Innovations Inception SL30 Seatbox (with footplate)

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Ny, lite enklare och billigare metbox från Preston Innovations – inklusive plattform/fotstöd.

The Inception SL30 seatbox weighs in at just 11.75 kg including the footplate making it one of the lightest boxes on the market while retaining many of the fantastic features from the Absolute seatboxes.

The mid frame designs allows the height to be easily adjusted to a comfortable position, while the footplate cassette can be moved easily with the use of the handwheel on either side of the box.

The Inception SL30 comes complete with an integrated 100mm deep storage unit and a deep side drawer unit, plenty of space for larger items like reels and smaller accessories. All of the units come complete with our revolutionary MAG LOK clip system which means that the trays are fully compatible with those from Absolute seatboxes.


-Padded Seat
-Deep Side Drawer Unit
-100-mm Deep Container Base Unit
-2-x Telescopic Seatbox Legs 50-cm
-4-x Standard Seatbox Legs 50cm
-1-x Cassette Bar & Footplate
-Deluxe Padded Shoulder Strap


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