Sonubaits Krill Groundbait (2 kg)

Sonubaits Krill Groundbait (2 kg)

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Sonubaits Krill groundbait tillhör storsäljarna, inte minst bland specimenmetarna. Förpackning om 2 kg. Komplettera med Krill Liquid Flavour.

Sonubaits Krill – till tävling och specimen!

”The award winning Supercrush Krill has become a revelation in recent years, with catches across the country proving the effectiveness of this must use product.
     At Sonubaits we sourced top quality ground krill then set about working with our world class consultants to combine different crushed pellets in order to find the winning combination.
     The finished product is Supercrush Krill, a groundbait designed specifically to combined these winning ingredients.
In the UK, massive catches have been across commercial fisheries on the mix. Best used in the margins, it combines the powerful attraction of krill with the blend of ingredients that holds the fish in the swim.”

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2 kg, Krill Liquid Flavour 250 ml

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