Sonubaits Toasty Brown Bread Crumb (650 gram)

Sonubaits Toasty Brown Bread Crumb (650 gram)

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Rostat brunt ströbröd. Mäsk för feederfisket eller som ingrediens i andra blandningar. Påse om 650 gram. Perfekt för både tävlings- och specimenmetet. Bröd är en av de allra bästa ingredienserna!

For years and years, breadcrumb has been the base of hundreds of groundbait mixes all over the world.

Bread is an extremely useful ingredient. It can be used in many different ways and allows the angler to tweak his groundbait to perform exactly how they want it to! It can also be used to catch a huge range of species, from big carp, to tiny roach.

Breadcrumb can be used straight from the bag to create an extremely simple mix with very little flavour that will hold bait into a feeder, or it can be added to other Sonubaits groundbaits. Whether you want to make your mix breakdown quicker, or you want to offer more feed content, breadcrumb can do it all!

We’ve sourced the best quality UK breadcrumb that we could find. Ensuring every bag of Sonubaits Breadcrumb will help you catch more fish.

Toasty Brown Crumb is unlike any other breadcrumb in the fishing market. This coarse textured crumb is perfect when you want to create a fluffy bait mix that holds a higher feed content. The larger particle size in Toasty Brown absorb water easily and create a lovely soft bait that can be added to other groundbait mixes or used straight from the bag!

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