Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling Cord

Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling Cord

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The Sanctuary Retention Sling Cord can be used either as a replacement for, or as a hi-viz alternative to, the standard black cord supplied with our Sanctuary Retention Sling and Sanctuary Retention Sling XL. It is also suitable for use with many other products, including our Sanctuary Carp Sack, and many other manufacturers’ slings and carp sacks.
Available in hi-viz orange, the Sanctuary Retention Sling Cord features a heavy-duty clip for attaching to the sling or carp sack, and a thread-and-ring bankstick attachment for extra peace of mind whilst retaining your prize.

Replacement 5m retention sling cord for Retention Slings / Carp Sack
Hi-viz bright orange colour
Thread and ring bankstick attachment for improved security
Heavy duty clip for easy attachment to the retention sling

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